Welcome to FFL Finder!

FFL Finder is a service that allows you to find Federal Firearms License holders anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We have the most comprehensive database of FFL Holders!
Our database is updated monthly using the official ATF master list, to ensure that new FFL holders are added, and those that are no longer licensed don’t remain in the listings. Compare us to other services that rely on dealers to add and update their listings.

Using the site is very easy:

  • ZIP Code Search – Click on the link for ZIP Code Search and enter the starting ZIP Code, select Distance, select Type of FFL Holder, and submit. All FFL types are searchable, using our ZIP Code Search.


  • City Search – Simply click on the type of FFL holder you would like to find, click on the State, then click on the City. Currently limited to Dealers, Pawn Brokers, Ammo Manufacturers, Firearms Manufacturers, and Firearms Importers. In the near future, we will be adding the ability to search by city for Collectors of Curios & Relics, Destructive Device Dealers, Destructive Device Manufacturers, and Destructive Device Importers.

Happy searching. Stay legal and stay safe!